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About WellMed

George M. Rapier III, MD, founded WellMed in 1990 as a single clinic in the Medical Center area of San Antonio, Texas. His idea was simple: deliver proactive, preventive care and build strong relationships with his senior patients. He believed that if he could keep his patients healthy instead of responding to symptoms after they become ill, then he could positively affect their quality of life and prevent complications and lengthy hospital stays.

Today, WellMed is a network of doctors, specialists and other medical professionals that specialize in providing care for 350,000+ older adults with over 16,000 doctors’ offices in Texas and Florida.

In 2011, a federally funded, independent, peer-reviewed case study by the Robert Graham Center examined health outcomes for tens of thousands of WellMed patients in the San Antonio area. The study found WellMed patients, on average, are older and live longer than the 65+ population in Texas†.

In 2011, WellMed partnered with OptumCare™, one of the nation’s largest health and wellness companies, to provide care to even more older adults. WellMed is now part of OptumCare™ as they work hard to provide specialized care to keep patients empowered and engaged in their own health.

We accept traditional Medicare and a number of Medicare Advantage health insurance plans to help provide affordable health care options.

† Case Study of a Primary Care-Based Accountable Care System Approach to Medical Home Transformation. Journal of Ambulatory Care Management 34.1 (2011): 67-77. Print.

Bringing Proactive Preventive Healthcare to Seniors

Our goal is to provide better preventive health care to older adults through a proven, measurable and results-driven healthcare delivery system.

WellMed Mission

To help the sick become well and to help patients understand and control their health in a lifelong effort at wellness.

WellMed Vision

To change the face of health care delivery for older adults by providing quality, proactive patient care with a focus on prevention.

WellMed Values

  • Integrity – Honor commitments made to patients and providers; never compromise ethics
  • Compassion – “Patients come first”; provide a holistic approach to care
  • Relationships – Collaborate with all health care providers to improve the lives of patients and caregivers
  • Innovation – Improve efforts related to patient experience
  • Performance – Demonstrate value to patient in how we manage their health; require shared accountability across health care providers

*Recognized by Inc. Magazine as among the fastest-growing private enterprises 2009-2011; awarded the DMA: The Care Continuum Award for Disease Management program in 2008; recognized in Milliman Care Guidelines for protocols for knee replacement surgery rehab in 2009.