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Keeping you healthy is our top priority

We know that you want the best care possible from doctors who care about your well-being. WellMed staff conducts Annual Wellness visits for every patient. You and your doctor will speak about your health and health goals. This helps our doctors build a relationship with you and answer any of your health questions.

What happens during an Annual Wellness visit?

Our goal with these visits is to help you learn the best ways to improve your own health. With a few simple steps, you can be more proactive, which may help you avoid complications in the future.

In addition to your Annual Wellness visit, doctors and staff give you more attention through a series of general health screenings. Our Focus on You health screening program is part of our preventive approach to health care. Our doctors may request screenings such as:

  • Colon cancer screen
  • Diabetic eye exam
  • BMI (Body Mass Index), a weight to height score

Get started on the path toward a healthier life with WellMed. Contact us today to tour one of our clinics or find a WellMed doctor near you.