Primary Care Team

Providing the best healthcare is our goal

WellMed’s Primary Care Team has one goal in mind: to provide the best healthcare to our patients and their families. Our coordinated team approach allows our doctors and medical staff to review and communicate14 patient needs to specialists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other medical support staff. You are not just a patient of your primary care provider. You are a patient of the entire primary care team.

Primary Care Provider leads patient care

Primary care refers to the type of care you receive at your doctor’s office. Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) is your chosen healthcare partner. Primary care includes general health care, such as preventive care, disease management and everyday aches and pains. Primary care does not include specialty care, urgent care or emergency care, but your PCP may see you for follow up care after these situations.

Your relationship with your PCP is very important. Your PCP is your first point of contact to help you be healthier, diagnose and treat illness and generally be your advocate and guide for a better you. Your PCP will help you with your overall healthcare, including preventive care, health education, disease management and medication education. As a leader of your healthcare team, your PCP also assists you with prior authorization and referrals when needed.

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants support your Primary Care Physician

Our medical staff works as a team to provide you the best care. Your primary care physician (PCP) is in charge of your overall healthcare. However, there may be times when you will be scheduled to see a Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA) instead of your PCP. NPs and PAs are licensed healthcare professionals and are considered an extension of your Primary Care Physician. NPs and PAs are available in most of our clinics and see patients regularly. In addition to communicating your healthcare needs with your PCP ensuring you get the best treatment, they can prescribe medication, order tests, and refer patients to specialists.

Choosing a Primary Care Provider

WellMed has a large network of PCP’s in all of the areas we service. Selecting a Primary Care Provider for the first time, or researching a new one, is an important process. WellMed has tools to help you find the PCP just right for you. Click here to find a PCP in your area.
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Disease Management

WellMed Disease Management is a referral program that is open to all eligible patients who live with one or more covered chronic illnesses. Our Disease Management registered nurses called Health Coaches work directly with Primary Care Physicians in a team approach to identify chronically ill patients and closely monitor, educate and mentor patients about effectively living with diseases such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease/Asthma

Our Medical Home Disease Management teams support you in your effort to improve your general well-being through the use of the WellMed Care Model during planned and scheduled wellness visits. During these visits you will have the opportunity to spend time with your Primary Care Physician and/or Health Coach discussing your chronic illness, medications and treatment options available.

Our Primary Care Physicians and Health Coaches work with you to identify the best and most current methods with which to assist you in living with and managing your chronic illness.

Health Coaches

Following a Primary Care Physician meeting, you may have the opportunity to spend time with a Health Coach. Your Health Coach is a highly trained healthcare professional who will coach you and give you the tools and education needed to better manage your life and health.

A Health Coach will work directly with you on those things that are important to you. They provide coaching for self-management support, focused education for your specific disease needs and will identify additional resources to assist in managing their disease. Resources like access to social workers when needed, diabetic testing supplies and even diabetic shoes may be available to you.

We also offer group classes and one-on-one sessions on diabetes and heart disease through our Certified Diabetes Educators. Ask your health coach for more information.

Case Managers

When you are admitted as a patient into a hospital, we assign a personal Case Manager to help you through every step of your health care process.

Your Case Manager will communicate with your Primary Care Physician, hospital personnel and specialists. He or she will coordinate your medical needs during your hospital or skilled nursing facility stay, all the way through discharge.

Your Case Manager will also help you with any necessary paperwork and facility transfers. No matter how big or small, your Case Manager will be there to help you through any situation.

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