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Maranda Laurie

LVN, Homecare Dimensions, Dallas - Fort Worth

Picture of Maranda Laurie

“I have always approached my care to patients in an honest, open and personal way.”

Arriving at a patient’s home for a prescheduled appointment for wound care, Maranda Laurie, a licensed vocational nurse, noticed that the front door was open and the patient, Chuck, was not answering. She also observed that his therapy dog was nervously pacing in the hallway. Seeing these warning signs, Maranda entered the home to find Chuck in his bedroom awake but unresponsive. She called the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and had the patient transported to the hospital, where he was treated and released.

A diabetic with poorly managed blood sugar, Chuck had already had two episodes of hypoglycemia for which EMTs had to be called. He was a high-risk patient who lived alone and had only limited support from friends and family.

Although he was not admitted to the hospital, Chuck still had another critical health issue to resolve. He told Maranda his insulin pump was not working properly. Maranda listened to his concerns and coordinated care during her subsequent home visit with the primary care doctor and endocrinologist. She also moved up the date of the patient’s endocrinologist appointment to the next day to assess the issue with the insulin pump and helped Chuck arrange for transportation. She also coordinated care with his niece, his closest relative, and developed a plan for her to contact Chuck hourly to monitor his blood sugar levels and general well-being.

Unfortunately, Chuck passed away in September 2022 due to complications with his wounds, which did not heal properly. He was admitted to the hospital and was eventually transferred to rehabilitation services, where he later died. He was only in his fifties. Maranda said, “It hurts my heart when I do everything I can and it still is not enough to save them.” Although she could not save him, she did what she could to ensure he received caring and timely treatment for his illness.

The relationship Maranda established with Chuck is just one example of her compassionate heart and professionalism. Maranda is kind, knowledgeable and proactive, and she listens respectfully to what her patients are trying to tell her.