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The WellMed Network

WellMed is a network of doctors dedicated to helping patients live healthier lives. Individuals who select a Medicare Advantage plan accepted by WellMed, or who are on Original Medicare, have access to our full network of doctors. This network includes WellMed doctors and independent doctors who are affiliated with WellMed.

Affiliated doctors are supported and trained in the WellMed preventive model of care and supported by our proprietary technology that helps predict and detect issues before they become more serious health problems. We also help support affiliated doctors’ patients by connecting them to our preventive health, social services, medication assistance, and other local community programs designed to improve the health of older adults. WellMed affiliated doctors’ patients also have access to WellMed Specialists and the hospital network to help extend the preventive and coordinated care outside of the Primary Care Doctor.

While WellMed specializes in care for older adults, our affiliated physicians may also provide care for all age groups. Together with independent doctors, WellMed uses coordinated, comprehensive and proactive care to change the face of health care for you.

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