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Advice for Healthy Living

April 27th, 2022

Alcohol use: On the rise for seniors

Featuring Dr. Chelo Belmonte of WellMed Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio When discussing alcohol use and abuse, odds are that visions of teenagers or college students binge drinking come to […]

April 26th, 2022

Minority Health Month – A Return to the Valley

School and medicine took Linda Villarreal, MD, from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, but fate brought her back. It is a journey with tragedy and fortune that required strength and […]

March 25th, 2022

Women’s History Month: Words of Wisdom

Elizabeth Glazier, MD/MPH, WellMed Chief of Supportive Care Editor’s note: Dr. Elizabeth Glazier was among a selection of women leaders across Optum care delivery organizations, including WellMed, asked to share […]

February 18th, 2022

Black History Month: A time to look back and forward

Black History Month is a time to appreciate contributions Black Americans have made to our country, and to recognize and address the ongoing struggle for equality. Dr. Huelen Smith, lead […]

January 18th, 2022

Do your part during blood donation month

The American Red Cross has a constant and ongoing need for blood and platelet donations. The supply of blood products tends to be critically low this time of year. This […]

November 22nd, 2021

Understanding Diabetes

By: Manuel Jain, MD What is diabetes? Diabetes is a condition in which your blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, is excessively high. Insulin, a hormone, normally aids in […]

November 12th, 2021

BREATHE through the holidays

By: Dr. Jamie Huysman, PsyD, LCSW Why is breathing  4-7-8 – so helpful and what does it do for us? Conscious Breathing during these challenging Covid-19 times is sweeping our […]