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Why choose WellMed? Take a moment to read our stories.

WellMed works with physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and staff who all share one important characteristic: genuinely caring about patients and their health.

Hear from some of our patients and health care team members as they share how they’ve received and delivered effective, quality care.

Geraldine Ludlow

Health care heroes show true compassion for patient

As part of WellMed’s care team, LVN’s Jamela Ward and Karina Velazquez do whatever they can for every patient, even if it means going to their homes to help with things like bathing.

Dolores Franco

The heart of caregiving, a WellMed employee’s commitment to her mother

WellMed employee Marissa Franco became her mother’s primary caregiver after her mother retired and moved to Texas to live with her. Now, the two manage the challenges of caregiving together, with WellMed by their side.

Drew Rosiles

A heartbeat of gratitude

In a whirlwind of his engagement and travel, 35-year old Drew Rosiles ignored subtle health warnings until a drive home became a turning point. Swift action by Simm Kapkeo, CMA, averted a potential major crisis.

Dr. Iffat Jahan and Dr. Juby Joseph

Love and medicine go hand-in-hand for married physicians.

It seemed like destiny brought them together, but it was their hard work and trust that made their love story bloom. Dr. Jahan and Dr. Joseph, both doctors, built a life full of love and success.

Renae Gaines

Lost in a sea of medications and appointments, patient receives a guiding light

USMD patient Renae Gaines had multiple uncontrolled health conditions when she met health care manager Nancy Moreles. Using a health care team approach, Moreles, a registered nurse, helped Gaines on the path to better quality of life and health.

Denise Dooley

WellMed doctor solves medical mystery

Denise Dooley suffered for years from a range of symptoms many doctors had been unable to figure out – until Dr. Angelica Contreras solved the puzzle and showed her the way to a healthier life.

David and Rayito Coffeen

For this couple, it boils down to being heard

David and Rayita Coffeen, both in their 70s, are lively and active, a lifestyle they attribute to seeing their doctors regularly and following their advice.

Brooke Mobley

Book explores domestic violence through doctor’s personal story

Brooke Mobley, DO escaped an abusive relationship before becoming a doctor. Her book, “I Too Cry Purple Tears,” serves as an inspiration to others.

Sabrina Snedaker

Happy NP week: Meet Sabrina Snedaker

Nurse Practioner Sabrina Snedaker is seen as a real trooper by the patients of WellMed at Deltona in Deltona, Florida. Through her swamped schedule she manages to show her passion in caring for others.

Jenny Bickerstaff

Happy NP Week: Meet Jenny Bickerstaff

Nurse Practitioner Jenny Bickerstaff was recently named lead clinician at the USMD Las Colinas MacArthur Clinic in Irving, Texas. This is quite an honor, given the role is usually reserved for physicians.

Juan Uribe

Clinic team, senior center director bring member back from cardiac arrest

A party was in full swing at the senior center when center supervisor Peaches Hall got the call about an emergency. She ran to the dining room where she found Juan Uribe in cardiac arrest.

Morris Hires

Cancer survivor receives care he deserves

Cancer survivor Morris Hires has overcome many obstacles in life. Now, he has a team of dedicated healthcare professionals giving him a second lease on life. Read here to learn about his journey and the work done by the team at WellMed at 9th Avenue North.

Flaco Jiménez

World-renowned Tejano performer Leonardo “Flaco” Jiménez is still making music at 84, though he’ll admit he’s slowed down a bit.

Flaco was born into a musical family. Now, a beloved San Antonio icon, and a WellMed patient, Flaco continues to draw crowds with his music.

Kaity Johnson, PA

PA carries on family tradition made better with WellMed

When Kaity Johnson began her career as a physician assistant, she fulfilled a lifelong desire. She also carried on a family tradition started by her grandfather, Jim Johnson, DO, more than 60 years earlier – at the same clinic. Kaity began her career in 2018 and is now the lead advanced practice clinician. She works alongside her dad, Steven Johnson, DO, who started at the clinic 36 years ago.

Isabel “Cristy” Naranjo

Physician epitome of compassionate care

As a clinic administrator at WellMed at Little Havana, Isabel "Cristy" Naranjo knows quality care when she sees it. Read how Dr. Francisco Solis provided compassionate, personal care to Cristy and her mom for 13 years.

Kacie Garcia

WellMed physician keeps two-time cancer survivor healthy

Kacie Garcia, an operations director for WellMed, knows when her body is telling her something is wrong. Under the care of Dr. Mohammadullah Faiz at WellMed at Ingram Park, Kacie receives quality preventive care.

Roland Bryant

Cancer survivor grateful for excellent Optum care

As a retired Marine, Roland was keen to observe the teamwork he sees among the clinic staff, citing how important character and integrity are to him. Read how Dr. Moussa, and the staff at Optum - Parkway, provide open and honest care to their patients.

Maria Herrera

Home Care Dimensions team helps diabetic patient walk again

Maria Herrera of El Paso was scared to get out of bed when she was discharged from the hospital, but with the help of our Home Care Dimensions team, she was able to walk again.

Consuelo Lopez

Family celebrates mother’s successful cancer treatment

Consuelo is a patient at WellMed at Weslaco in the Rio Grande Valley. Her daughter, Noemi Lopez, is regional manager of clinic operations in Harlingen, Texas. Noemi knows the benefits of an annual exam and regular screenings, and she had been trying to get her mom to take better care of her health. The results weren’t what the family had hoped for, but the exam saved her life.

Dr. Dzung Dang

Podiatrist, WellMed Specialist for Health Shoreline, Corpus Christi, Texas

Dr. Dzung Dang was 16 when the North Vietnamese took over Saigon, which ended the Vietnam War. Now, 48 years later, Dr. Dang retells the story of his escape from Vietnam.

Dr. Armando Osio

Physician, WellMed at Cross Roads, McAllen, Texas

Dr. Armando Osio shares what called him to medicine and how he feels blessed to serve the people of the Rio Grande Valley for 42 years.

Judit Martinez

Case Manager/RN, Health Care Manager, WellMed at Edinburg, Rio Grande Valley

After a patient suffered a tumor in his bladder, Judit worked with him and his family step by step to navigate the process.

Lesliejoy Sampilo

LPN, WellMed at Dr. Phillips/WellMed at Sand Lake Commons, Orlando

Often the challenge of helping patients with their treatments is to convince them to follow doctors’ orders. Lesliejoy built trust with one patient by encouraging him to participate actively in his own care.

Shalesa Allen

Medical Assistant, HCAT - Southlake, Southlake, Texas

Shalesa saved a patient who was desperate for help.

Sirena Espinosa

LVN, Normoyle Senior Center, San Antonio

Sirena found a man unresponsive and without pulse at the Normoyle Senior Center. She quickly sprung into action.

Beatrice Mason

LVN, WellMed/USMD Manager of Clinical Safety, Dallas

Beatrice realized the incident reporting system was not fully accessible to users. She stepped up to work with multiple teams to make sure the system was available to all.

Maranda Laurie

LVN, Homecare Dimensions, Dallas - Fort Worth

When Maranda arrived at the patient's home for an appointment, she noticed warning signs indicating he was unresponsive.

Leticia Gonzalez

WellMed Care Advocate, WellMed Care Coordination, Dallas - Fort Worth

Two flat tires left kidney patient Esther Barnett stranded on a Dallas-area highway with no purse or credit cards. WellMed Care Advocate Leticia Gonzalez was there for her.

Olga Alvarez

Patient of Dr. Solangel Pollock, Optum - Westchester, Miami

Ms. Alvarez says the team at Optum - Westchester is like family and she feels protected. "I just want everybody to know that here, everything works the right way."

Judy Bass-Elliott

Patient of Dr. Carol Stewart-Francisco, WellMed at Longwood, Longwood, Florida

Eighty-year-old Judy Bass-Elliott fancies whimsy with her talent for ventriloquism and her 13 unique “personalities.” Judy credits Dr. Carol Stewart-Francisco for seeing to it that she received the care and treatment she needed for breast cancer.

James Gafford

Patient of Dr. Shailendra Chavda, NP Megan Freeman and MA Azucena Jimenez, USMD Las Colinas, Dallas, Texas

James Gafford was diagnosed with kidney failure. He had no help at home, no shoes on his feet and was hungry with no means to buy food. This was no problem for the Dallas clinic team.

Desarea Murray

Nurse Practitioner, WellMed at Live Oak, Dallas, Texas

For Desarea Murray, NP, choosing a career in medicine was easy.

Bonita White

Patient of Dr. Karuna Vangala, WellMed at Cedar Hill, Dallas, Texas; Dr. Kory Jones, USMD Arlington South and Dr. Deepti Kallam, USMD Oncology

Bonita White went from a cancer diagnosis to cancer free in less than 30 days.

David Smith

LVN, WellMed San Antonio Senior Center

David Smith has never had an easy life. Declared legally blind at age 34, Smith works at the San Antonio Senior Center and is a co-captain of the San Antonio Jets.

Marie Kharifene

Community Volunteer Coordinator, WellMed Care Coordination, Houston

When Marie Kharifene reached the remote trailer home of a patient who had been out of contact, she found him on the floor in soiled clothing, nearly unconscious.

Jackie Guerrero

Medical Assistant, WellMed at Portland, Portland, Texas

What was supposed to be a routine follow-up phone call for Medical Assistant Jackie Guerrero turned into nearly an hour of providing comfort and care to a terrified person having a stroke.

Thresia “TJ” Allen and Juanita Herrera

Nurse Practitioner and Medical Assistant, WellMed at Elgin, Elgin, Texas

Nurse Practitioner Thresia “TJ” Allen knew something was wrong when conducting a home visit with a patient and his wife. Medical Assistant Juanita Herrera later confirmed Allen’s misgivings: carbon monoxide poisoning.

Raul Carmenate

Patient of Dr. Solangel Pollock, Optum - Red Road, Miami

Raul Carmenate credits Dr. Solangel Pollock’s expertise, combined with her compassionate nature, for his successful back pain and gastritis treatments.

Mary Johnson

Patient of Dr. Pedro Ruiz, WellMed at Southeast Lakeland, Tampa

Before she became a patient at WellMed, Mary Johnson was a frequent emergency room visitor. She discovered WellMed at Lakeland was the answer to her prayers.

William Honsberger

Patient of Supportive Care and Homecare Dimensions, San Antonio

“Dr. Glazier is the primary reason I’m in as good a condition as I am. Without her, I don’t think I’d still be around,” shared William Honsberger.

Juan De Anda

Patient of Dr. Riya Joseph, WellMed at South Buckner, Dallas

Dr. Joseph had become increasingly worried about Juan De Anda’s lab results, so she kept urging him to get a colonoscopy. He finally agreed.

Bernice Hurse

Patient of Dr. Riya Joseph, WellMed at South Buckner, Dallas

Many doctors want their patients to drop a few pounds, but when Bernice Hurse started to lose weight dramatically and mysteriously, her doctor became concerned.