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This page highlights WellMed articles, podcasts and videos to help you understand and control your health in a lifelong effort at wellness.

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5 health issues every man should think about

May 23, 2024


As men age, they face health risks that should not be ignored. Don’t wait until it’s too late; start seeing your doctor regularly now.

Stroke Awareness Month

May 22, 2024


May is Stroke Awareness Month, a time to educate and raise awareness around the illness. Dr. Amber Stephens from Optum – Main St. discusses the most common risk factors and how to reduce the risk of serious injury.

How to maximize time with your doctor

May 17, 2024


Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed when you go to the doctor? Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your doctor visits.

Keeping your brain healthy with aging

May 15, 2024


Are you worried about your brain health as you get older? You’re not alone. As we age, our brains naturally start to decline, but there are things we can do to help keep them healthy.

For patients and WellMed, navigating kidney disease is a full-time job

May 10, 2024


Our renal care program supports the holistic needs of patients including education, coordination with doctors, and alignment to address multiple health conditions and social needs.

The implementation of exercise prescription and dietetics

May 8, 2024


Has your doctor ever written you a prescription for exercise? Edwin Davila, DO, a senior resident physician of internal medicine at the Texas Institute for Graduate Medical Education and Research in San Antonio, Texas, explains the benefits of exercise for patients with chronic diseases, how exercise can be prescribed and the role of dietetics.

7 health issues women over 65 years old should not ignore

May 6, 2024


Women face a higher risk than men for several health conditions. Do your part to safeguard yourself from these seven threats.

Lifestyle changes and regular doctor visits can help prevent stroke

May 6, 2024


Stroke is a leading cause of death in men and the fifth leading cause of death in women, but with knowledge and your doctor’s care, many can be prevented.

Keeping track of your fitness progress

May 1, 2024


Whether you are trying to build muscle mass or reach your goal weight, keeping track of your progress is an important part of staying motivated. Stefan Arias, FNP-C, from USMD in Fort Worth, Texas, explains how to track your fitness and other preventive health habits you need to know.

Older adults face greater health risks from drinking alcohol

April 29, 2024


Drinking alcohol can be bad for your health – especially for older adults. Alcohol can cause or exacerbate health problems as we age.

We are WellMed: Dr. Ronald Killam

April 27, 2024


Introducing Dr. Ronald Killam, one of our esteemed partners located in Houston, Texas. He specializes in internal medicine and is accepting new patients.

Occupational Therapy Month

April 24, 2024


April is Occupational Therapy Month. But what is occupational therapy, and how does it compare to physical therapy? Andrew Morgan, PT, DPT, MBA, COS-C from Homecare Dimensions, breaks down everything you need to know.

5 asthma, allergy and COPD triggers hiding in your home

April 9, 2024


You may not think much about the air you breathe – until it affects your health.

Complications of type 2 diabetes

April 6, 2024


Can you lower your risk of diabetes-related complications? This week co-hosts Dr. Tamika Perry from WellMed at Redbird Square and Ron Aaron discuss how to prevent or delay diabetes complications and how to improve overall health.

Breaking the stigma of mental health challenges in the Black community

April 4, 2024


African Americans are often reluctant to seek help for mental health issues due to a deep-seated belief that mental illness is a sign of weakness.