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When considering a new doctor, what factors should you consider? For instance, many people look for a doctor they get along with, and who has a good bedside manner. But did you know that there are doctors who are rewarded for helping you stay healthy or better manage your conditions?

These doctors practice what is known as value-based care, and it is a growing trend. Value-based care could be called outcome-based care because that’s what it is all about … making sure that the care they provide gets results by keeping you healthy and your health well in control.

Don’t all doctors try to keep you healthy? It depends. While some doctors may practice prevention and have a more proactive approach to treating their patients, many only see their patients when they are sick or experiencing symptoms. Many doctors are paid by how many patients they see and how many services they provide – not by whether they keep their patients healthy and better manage conditions. This type of reactive care is costly to consumers and the health care system.

The next time you look for a new doctor, don’t leave your health to chance.

Ask these questions to find a doctor who will give you the extra time and attention you need to help keep you healthy and feeling your best.

  • Is the doctor paid based on a value-based care model, which rewards the doctor for keeping you healthy, regardless of your health condition?
  • How often do they see patients, and how much time do they spend with their patients?
  • How do they communicate and coordinate care with their patient’s other care teams, such as specialists and hospitalists?
  • How do they keep up-to-date with and practice the latest in medical advances and technology?

The good news is that all WellMed and affiliated doctors practice value-based care. Everything we do is to help you feel your best. That’s why we see you more often, spend more time with you, and practice preventive care. To find a WellMed doctor in your area, (Opens in new window)click here.

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Please note that you don’t have to switch Medicare plans to find a new doctor. As long as your doctor accepts Original Medicare / Fee for Service or the Medicare Advantage plan that you currently have, you can contact your health plan and ask them to switch you to a doctor who practices value-based care.