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Mobile health screening clinic in partnership with your doctor

Working together with your doctor to provide you with quality health care

The WellMed network of doctors is committed to providing quality, preventive health care to older adults in our community. Your doctor values you as a patient and wants to provide the best care possible. One way to ensure you are getting the care you deserve is by completing routine health screenings recommended by your doctor.

Occasionally some doctor’s offices have difficulty scheduling regular screenings due to space or staff challenges. Rather than send you to another facility, WellMed On-The-Go partners with your doctor to provide a convenient, accessible location for you to complete the screenings your doctor recommends. Our mobile screening clinic is an extension of your doctor’s office and provides all of the screenings you need to stay healthy.

If your doctor requests assistance from WellMed On-The-Go, it will be parked in a centralized area near your doctor’s office. Our goal is to make it convenient and easy for you to complete your recommended screenings. Once your screenings are complete, the information is collected and sent back to your doctor’s office for your doctor to review with you.

Preventive health care

Your doctor focuses on preventive health care and understands the important role health screenings play in your medical treatment. When you complete a health screening, it allows us to help identify your current health state so if you get sick your doctor can help you get better faster, before complications arise.

WellMed On-The-Go provides health care screenings and is an added service for you. The mobile clinics offer shorter wait times than a regular office setting and are equipped to perform select health screening exams including:

  • Diabetic Management eye exams
  • Laboratory blood draw
  • Flochec™ to detect reduced blood flow in the extremities
  • Spriometry to help measure how your lungs are performing
  • High Risk Medication Assessment and exams by a nurse practitioner

For more information on how we can help you, please contact your doctor’s office or call 210-617-4239.