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Geraldine Ludlow

Health care heroes show true compassion for patient

Picture of Geraldine Ludlow

“It feels good when patients say thank you, and I know I have helped them in a way they didn't think was possible." ”

Geraldine Ludlow, a 78-year-old WellMed patient has had her share of recent health challenges. After a recent hospitalization due to a fall and coping with mobility issues from a stroke, she finds it hard to manage everyday tasks independently.

Things got even harder for Geraldine after her husband passed away last year. She can’t afford care-giving assistance, so she lives with her nephew. Although her nephew is a big help, she doesn’t feel comfortable asking for help with certain things, like assistance with bathing.

When her primary care physician, Dr. Peter Gulati, learned she was struggling to shower alone, he spoke to Jamela Ward and Karina Velazquez, LVNs and home health care coordinators at the clinic. The nurses wasted no time. They immediately went to Geraldine’s home to help her shower.

“I didn’t expect anyone to come help, but I’m glad they did,” Geraldine said.

Jamela, a WellMed LVN healthcare coordinator, enjoys getting to know patients and helping them on a personal level. She shared, “It feels good when patients say thank you, and I know I have helped them in a way they didn’t think was possible.” As part of her job, she sees firsthand how older adults have many needs that go unmet, so she tries to connect them with the resources they need.

Geraldine is grateful for the support that she receives from WellMed at Oak Cliff. She said, “They’ve helped me in ways I couldn’t find anywhere else because I can’t afford it.”

As part of WellMed’s care team, Jamela added that she always does whatever she can for every patient, even if it means going to their homes to help with things like bathing.