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Olga Alvarez

Patient of Dr. Solangel Pollock, Optum - Westchester, Miami

Picture of Olga Alvarez

“After the first visit, I simply loved the kind of person Dr. Pollock is as she gave me peace and ease of mind.”

“When you’ve lost all of your family, you can get lonely,” says 89-year-old Olga Alvarez, whose youthful looks and bubbly personality defy her age. “But (the Optum – Westchester clinic, Miami) has blessed me. I have the most beautiful medical staff I could ever dream of. They are like family to me.”

Ms. Alvarez is blessed with good health, and she credits the exceptional physical and emotional care she has received from her care team for more than 23 years. After 20 years with the same PCP, she was nervous when she had to change doctors after her PCP retired.

“I have been so lucky in having Dr. (Solangel) Pollock as my PCP and after the first visit, I simply loved the kind of person she is as she gave me peace and ease of mind,” she said.

A native of Cardenas, Matanzas, Cuba, Ms. Alvarez immigrated to the United States in 1960. She was married for 30 years and did not have children. She had a “beautiful family” in Cuba, she says, but she never wanted to return. Instead, she became an entrepreneur and opened a jewelry store.

In a letter to the clinic, Ms. Alvarez, whose native language is Spanish, described Dr. Pollock. “Her name Solangel totally describes what kind of person she is. Sol means Sun, and Angel is the same in both languages,” she wrote (in Spanish). “She is the Sun to enlighten our path in our darkest moments and is an Angel who protects and helps us as her patients.”

Ms. Alvarez says the team at Optum – Westchester is like family and she feels protected.

“Optum – Westchester has been blessed with a medical team of the highest quality, as all of the providers are excellent (Dr. Pollock’s colleagues – Dr. Jimenez, Dr. Capote and Dr. Quintana).

Susana Zamora, Dr. Pollock’s, MA, is very special, treating her patients in a very loving way, very professional and I consider her like family too. Ilena Castro the therapist is simply magnificent.

I just want everybody to know that here, everything works the right way. Patients should appreciate the excellent care they enjoy and anyone can trust their health is under the best possible care.”