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Supportive Care

  • Support for patients dealing with life-limiting illnesses
  • Home-based care available for patients who are not able to leave their home
  • Help determining life and care goals
  • Help improving quality of life by treating pain and other symptoms


Greater Austin

  • Amber Bowman, APC
  • Shandalyn Brookins, APC
  • Leigh Fredholm, Physician
  • Karen McCarthy, APC

Greater Corpus Christi

  • Julianne Glover, APC
  • Ron Stephens, Physician
  • Amy Turner, APC

Greater Dallas – Ft. Worth

  • Shara Brasher-Simpson, APC
  • Fiza Nazir, M.D.
  • James Rodriguez, APC
  • April Roland, APC
  • Ja-Renda Watson, APC

Greater El Paso

  • Jose Aguirre, Physician
  • Jeanne Lee, Physician
  • Tracey Martinez Mendez, APC
  • Aurora Quintana, APC
  • Nancy Torres, Physician

Greater Houston

  • Jovian Ezeani, APC
  • Martin Perez, Physician
  • Sabiat Shittu, APC
  • Penny Zupon, APC

Greater Rio Grande Valley

  • Amy Davila, APC
  • Deborah Dooley, APC
  • Sally Kelley, Physician
  • Merlyn Palacios, APC
  • Carolina Ruiz, APC

Greater San Antonio

  • Rosslyn Blake, APC
  • Veronica Escobar, Physician
  • Kim, Garza, APC
  • Elizabeth Glazier, Physician
  • Mary Grace, APC
  • Sonia Jaime, APC
  • Deborah Kahn, Physician
  • Sandra Liliana Oakes, Physician
  • Noemi Scott, APC


Greater Orlando

  • Gary Hensley-Laird, M.D.
  • Christine Newcomer, APC

Greater Tampa

  • Kevin Ache, Physician
  • Bijal Patel, APC
  • Heather Payne, APC
  • Melissa Roberts, APC